Floss For Fresh Oral Health

floss at least once a day for great oral healthFlossing is an important part of your oral hygiene routine. The American Dental Association (ADA) stands behind flossing as an integral part of maintaining your oral health. The ADA recommends thoroughly flossing at least once a day, but multiple times will not hurt. Greeley dentist office, Integrated Dental Arts, suggests setting aside a few minutes a day to dedicate to flossing your teeth. A few minutes a day spent thoroughly flossing can help to prevent the development of complex dental concerns. Keep your smile healthy and fresh, floss!

Why Floss?

Food particles and bacteria get trapped in the small spaces in between our teeth. Brushing is important, but those bristles can not get into those tiny crevices. Floss can go where brushing can not, helping to removing plaque and leftover food. Plaque that remains trapped between your teeth will eventually harden into tartar that may cause tooth decay. Tooth decay is the leading cause of cavities, that if go untreated, may results in root canals or tooth extractions.
Flossing can also help prevent a bacterial infection of your gums commonly known as gum disease. Gum disease is a serious oral health concern that has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, and heart attacks. Flossing may help promote your lifelong health.

When Should I floss?

Studies suggest that it does not matter what time of day you floss, as long as you floss everyday. Some people prefer flossing before brushing, others claim their teeth feel cleaner when they floss after brushing. Dentists Dr. Melvin Benson and Dr. Jacob Dunham encourage patients to brush and floss twice a day. Many people will floss in the morning and before bed. But if that seems to taxing, choose one, and stick with it. Forming a routing can help make flossing a daily habit.

Why Do My Gums Bleed When I Floss?

You may be flossing too vigorously. Try flossing a little more gently next time. If the bleeding does not occur when you floss gently, you most likely have nothing to worry about. If your gums are bleeding regularly, you may be developing gum disease. If you experience frequent or heavy bleeding of the gums be sure to schedule an appointment with our Greeley dentist office.

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Dentists Dr. Melvin Benson and Dr. Jacob Dunham want their patients to be proactive about their oral health. If you have any questions or concerns about flossing properly, or any dental health concern, contact our Greeley dentist office.