Emergency Dental Care

ThinkstockPhotos-465695921Accidents happen, and when it involves your mouth, it can be painful. Integrated Dental Arts of Greeley, CO offers our patients Emergency Dental Care for all the bumps and knockouts life throws your way. Dr. Melvin Benson is compassionate and offers his patients years of dental experience for quality oral care.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency call our office at 970-673-4288.

We will get back to you ASAP. Our goal is to get you into our dentist office and out of pain, as soon as we can. Dr. Benson will provide a thorough oral exam and determine the best route for treatment.

Same Day Dental Restorations

Sports injuries, accidents and dental emergencies often result in the loss of a tooth, or dental restoration. In the past new restorations would have to be measured, molded, and sent out to a dental lab to be created.This process could take weeks, leaving patients without a viable missing tooth replacement.

The good news is that our Greeley dentist office uses the latest in dental and digital technology. With recent advancements in E4D technology, Dr. Benson can now offer many patients same day dental restorations. E4D technology creates custom fit dental crowns, veneers and fillings all while you wait. In just one visit to our Greeley dentist office you may have your permanent dental restoration fit and comfortably secured.

Messy impression trays are now a thing of the past. With E4D digital software Dr. Benson can get highly accurate and precise measurements of your mouth. Better treatment planning allows for better fitting restorations that are more durable and natural looking.

This new E4D technology uses the latest in dental materials. Modern dental restoration materials are more lifelike and natural looking than every. Made of high quality porcelain or composite, today’s dental restorations are virtually impossible to tell apart from your natural teeth.

Call Integrated Dental Arts

Whether your child’s tooth gets knocked out playing hockey, or your crown falls out while eating an apple, Dr. Benson can help to restore your smile. Contact our Greeley dentist office to find out what restorative and cosmetic treatments can benefit your smile.


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