How To Develop Your Best Nightly Oral Hygiene Routine

At Integrated Dental Arts, Greeley dentists Dr. Melvin Benson and Dr. Jacob Dunham are committed to providing comprehensive dental care to each patient. Dr. Benson and Dr. Dunham work with patients to help improve the overall health of their teeth by providing cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry under one roof. Dr. Benson and Dr. Dunham recommend that patients visit our Greeley dental office as least twice a year for a routine preventive care exam. During the comprehensive exam, family dentist Dr. Benson and Dr. Dunham can perform a test to determine the health of your teeth, mouth, and gums. If a complex dental issue is discovered, we determine a treatment plan that is right for your smile. if you are looking for an experienced and caring dentist in Greeley, CO, visit Integrated Dental Arts. You can schedule an appointment online or call 970.281.5972

Preventive Dental Care In Greeley, CO

At Integrated Dental Arts, we take the health of our patients seriously! We listen to your dental concerns and address them with care and skill.We use high-quality dental equipment to help aid our diagnostic test during your preventive care visits. We offer a variety of test to ensure your smile is healthy:

  • Check for tooth decay
  • Check for signs of gum disease or gingivitis
  • The spacing and alignment of your teeth
  • Occlusion, or bite
  • TMJ
  • Oral cancer screening

At Integrated Dental Arts, we strive to provide comprehensive services to patients of all ages. We consider our dental office, family friendly and encourage patients to bring the whole family in for a checkup.

Tips To Improve Your Nightly Oral Hygiene Routine

Use Mouthwash. Talk to general dentists Dr. Benson or Dr. Dunham about which mouthwash is right for you. They will usually recommend an ADA approved mouthwash to help improve your smile. Using mouthwash helps eliminate debris, bacteria, and plaque that has accumulated in the mouth. It also helps protect your teeth and gums while freshening your breath.
Brush Your Teeth Before Bed Or After Dinner. Brushing helps remove bacteria and debris in the mouth. Plaque and decay can thrive in the mouth while you sleep if you aren’t properly removing bacteria and debris that has accumulated in the mouth during the day.
Don’t Forget To Brush Your Teeth. Flossing is an important part of any oral hygiene routine. Flossing removes debris between the teeth that can possibly turn into plaque, which can only be removed from skilled dentist like Dr. Benson and Dr. Dunham. If you aren’t sure if you are flossing correctly, feel free to ask general dentists, Dr. Benson or Dr. Dunham, about how to properly floss. Incorrectly flossing can actually cause more harm than good to your teeth and gums.