Get Screened For Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer screenings in Greeley CO Oral cancer awareness month takes place every April to highlight the importance of getting screened regularly. Oral cancer remains one of the most under-diagnosed forms of cancer. Oral cancer is commonly diagnosed during the later stages, which greatly limits the number of treatment options available to that specific patient. It is recommended that all patients get screened for oral cancer at least twice a year. Dr. Melvin Benson and Dr. Jacob Dunham offers oral cancer screenings at Integrated Dental Arts in Greeley, CO.
Oral cancer is a serious health concern. Catching oral cancer early may help increase your chance of receiving life-saving treatment. The oral cancer screening is a quick, painless exam that only takes a few minutes out of your visit. During your preventive care visit, either Dr. Benson or Dr. Dunham will perform a full head and neck exam to check for any signs of oral cancer. If oral cancer is detected during your exam, Dr. Benson and Dr. Dunham will work with you to coordinate the next steps of your care.
Risk Factors for Oral Cancer:

  • Age
  • HPV (Human Papillomavirus)
  • Tobacco use (Smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, etc.)
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Gender

Know your risks and find what you can do to lower your risks of developing oral cancer.  Our team can work with you if you have any questions.
Common Signs of Oral Cancer
Often, the sigs of oral cancer go unnoticed. However, being aware of the signs and symptoms of oral cancer and scheduling regular screenings may help you coordinate the care you need to overcome oral cancer.  If you notice any of signs listed below, please contact Integrated Dental Arts in Greeley, CO.

  • A Sore throat
  • Red or white patches in the mouth, tongue, or lips
  • Numbness of the tongue or mouth
  • Swelling in the jaw area
  • Change in the fit of dentures
  • Difficulty swallowing, chewing or speaking

If you would like to schedule a routine oral cancer screening, you should visit our Greeley dental practice. Patients can call 970.281.5972 or schedule an appointment online.