Dental Implants Can Be Your Missing Teeth Solution

Dental Implants Can Be Your Missing Teeth Solution

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your smile because you’re missing teeth? Read on to learn why a dental implant may be your best option restore your smile. Integrated Dental Arts in Greeley, CO explains why patients and dentists both prefer this tooth replacement option over other, more traditional ones like bridges and dentures.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a prosthetic tooth that offers patients a permanent and fully functional solution to their missing teeth. A dental implant begins with a tiny titanium post surgically implanted (hence the name) in the jaw onto which attaches a dental crown — a replica tooth. The crown fills in the empty space left behind by a lost tooth, restoring the appearance, health, and full use of your teeth.

Dental implants are usually highly recommended by both patients and dentists because they look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. Although the cost of dental implants might be higher than other bridges or dentures, their many benefits make them well worth the extra dental implant costs.

Dental Implants Are Convenient and Comfortable

Living with missing teeth can be frustrating and difficult, making smiling embarrassing and limiting your diet. The surgery to install implants is a mostly comfortable procedure since it is minimally invasive and leaves little to no post-procedure discomfort. For most patients, the placement process is very simple and can be completed the same day. But, in more complicated cases, the procedure can take several months to fully complete.

To find out if a dental implant is the right solution for you, you’ll need a consultation with an Integrated Dental Arts dentist or your area provider. If you have a sufficient amount of healthy jawbone tissue into which to mount the implant, you can have the procedure at any time. If not, you will need strengthen the existing jawbone tissue with bone grafts, which can increase the overall cost of the implant.

Implants make up for the larger “price tag” because they don’t require the regular replacing or cause the later dental health problems like bone loss or shifting teeth that those other options can cause. Once the dental implant is embedded into the jawbone, it will naturally fuse to the bone over the next few months, ensuring that the implant is stable and secure in your mouth. Once it’s fully healed, you will once again have a complete smile that looks, acts, and feels just like it’s entirely your natural teeth.

How to Care For and Clean Dental Implants

It’s exceedingly simple to take care of dental implants as their maintenance is the same as taking care of your natural teeth and can be done at the same time. Simply follow these basic oral health guidelines:

  • Brush your teeth on a daily basis
  • Floss daily
  • Seek treatment for any tooth grinding or clenching habit you may have
  • Get regular professional check-ups and cleanings

Dental Implants in Greeley, CO

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