3 Snacks To Avoid During Quarantine

Snacks To AvoidBecause many of our patients have had to postpone their dental hygiene appointments due to COVID-19, we wanted to remind everyone of the basic things they can do at home to protect their teeth. As your trusted dentist in Greeley, CO, we put together a list of snacks that are notoriously tough on your smile. Here are our suggestions on the top 3 snacks that you should avoid during this quarantine:


While soda is a beverage, it contains so many sugars that it might as well be considered a snack. The sugars in soda latch onto your teeth and leave behind a sticky residue that contributes to the plaque and tartar buildup on your smile. Even sugar-free sodas are still bad for your teeth because sodas are also full of harmful acids that wear down your tooth enamel and can cause increased tooth sensitivity over time. Additionally, sodas are full of staining agents and artificial colors that can leave your teeth discolored. It is best to avoid soda altogether or consume it in moderation using a straw to help reduce the amount of it that lands on your teeth.


Candy causes a lot of problems for your smile. It offers no vitamins or minerals for your body to use to help fight infections. Instead, it is filled with sugar which feeds the bacteria on your teeth. Additionally, gummy candies stick into the crevices of your smile and can be difficult to remove for even the most thorough at-home oral hygiene care. The residue is left on your teeth long after you’ve finished snacking. Instead of opting for candy to cure your sweet tooth, try biting into an apple. Apples are full of Vitamin C, which is essential to keeping you healthy, while also containing natural sugars that can freshen your breath as you eat them.


The starches in potato chips can be just as bad as candy for your teeth. This is because the starches break down and eventually become sugars that only feed the bacteria in your mouth. Additionally, chips can be excessively crunchy which can cause tooth damage or jaw pain. A better snack option would be some cheese. You can buy cubed cheese, string cheese, or sliced cheese. Any kind of cheese will do. This is because cheese is easy to chew and also full of calcium, which is necessary for your dental health.

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