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When was the last time you sat in the dental chair?

At Integrated Dental by Espire, we recommend that all of our patients schedule regular oral health and wellness visits at least once every six months. This ensures that our doctors can keep a close eye on your dental health and catch any minor issues before they become major dental concerns. Preventative care is the first line of defense that your smile has when it comes to avoiding costly and invasive procedures. That’s why our office is proud to provide routine dental cleanings, gum disease screenings, and X-ray imaging. Our team monitors and maintains your dental health so you can experience life with a beautiful and healthy smile.

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General Dentist in Greeley, CO

Our doctors are your experienced local dentists in Greeley, CO. Together, they have several years of experience in providing high-quality general dentistry services. To ensure we can meet the needs of all of our patients no matter what stage in their dental health journey they are in, we have expanded our general dentistry services to go beyond preventative care. In addition to standard oral health and wellness procedures, we also offer:

Dental Fillings

It’s important to address dental decay sooner rather than later to avoid unnecessary dental problems. Dental fillings are used to restore health to a tooth that has been damaged by decay. Our office offers several types of dental fillings and will recommend the material best suited to your specific dental problem.

Emergency Dental Care

When you experience a dental emergency, you need to know who to call. With our emergency dental services, we will get you into the office and out of pain as soon as possible. We can also discuss what kind of follow-up care you may need and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Family Dentistry

Our office welcomes patients of all ages beginning at around age 3. Family dentistry services can alleviate the anxiety young patients often experience when they visit the dentist by enabling them to be treated alongside their parent or caregiver.

Root Canals

Tooth decay or dental damage that is left untreated can cause significant issues for your dental health. Dr. Rinker provides root canal therapy in his Greeley, CO dentist office to restore the health of a tooth that has been damaged or diseased.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are used to restore a damaged or decayed tooth when a traditional dental filling is insufficient. Made from a variety of materials, an inlay or onlay strengthens the tooth and helps to prevent future decay. This type of dental restoration can provide results that are durable, comfortable and will protect the tooth for years to come.

Periodontal Therapy

If you have suffered from gum disease, it’s important that our doctors are able to get you back on track to optimal dental health. Integrated Dental by Espire in Greeley, CO offers several treatment options for periodontal disease. Together, we will come up with a plan to stop gum disease progression and restore your smile.

In addition to general dentistry services, Integrated Dental by Espire provides more dental services in Greeley, CO. Please schedule an appointment online today.