Same Day Dentistry Greeley, CO

At our family dentist office in Greeley, CO, we are proud to offer our patients the convenience of Same Day Dentistry with the incorporation of E4D technology. Our doctors stay on the cutting edge of modern dentistry so that we are able to provide our patients with the most cost-effective and efficient treatment options every day. Dental crowns, bridges, veneers and ceramic fillings can be designed, fabricated and placed during a single visit with this digital technology that provides accurate, customized results.

Affordable Dental Care in Greeley, CO

Same Day Dentistry: How It Works

Same Day Dentistry enables our doctors to restore, repair and enhance your smile with high quality dental restorations that are created using digital impressions. Patients love our ability to preform digital dental impressions because they do not require the need for messy trays. The impressions are sent to a digital scanner that will custom design the new dental crown, filling or dental veneer to precise specifications. The restoration is milled using E4D technology with the latest quality materials while you wait. E4D produces lab quality dental restorations during your visit, saving both time and money. Once complete, your dentist will permanently place the restoration.

Same Day Dentistry: What This Means For You

When you experience dental damage of any kind, it’s important to be treated sooner rather than later. Any chip, stain, crack, or decay on your dental structures puts your dental health at risk and compromises your smile’s ability to preform daily tasks like chewing or speaking properly. With Same Day Dentistry, you don’t have to wait several weeks for your dental restoration to be complete. Instead, you can walk in, be seen, and leave with a completely restored smile. This decreases your risk of furthering your dental damage in the time that it would take other dentists to create the restoration because, unlike our office, they send out your impressions to out-of-office labs which usually take weeks to fulfill requests.

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