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Family Dental Care in Greeley COIntegrated Dental Arts in Greeley, CO is a family dental practice led by Dr. Melvin Benson. We see children beginning at around age 3 and offer the wide range of general, cosmetic and restorative dental services a growing family needs to keep everyone smiling. Family dentistry can alleviate the anxiety young patients often experience when they visit the dentist by enabling them to be treated alongside their parent or caregiver.

We understand the busy lives of modern families and offer evening appointments every Tuesday.

Children’s Dental Services

  • Preventive care: At your little one’s appointment, Dr. Benson may ask for digital x-rays so he can make a detailed examination of the teeth and jaw. We will also gently clean your child’s teeth and take the opportunity to work on brushing and flossing skills.
  • Sealants: This thin layer of protective plastic covers the biting surface of the back teeth and prevents particles of sugar and food, plaque, and bacteria from becoming lodged directly on the tooth.
  • Fluoride varnish: Fluoride is a proven treatment for remineralizing tooth enamel in places where acid-producing bacteria have caused minor damage.
  • Custom sports mouthguards: keep your child’s (or your own) teeth safe during contact sports with a custom fit mouth guard that can also protect orthodontic appliances

Establishing healthy oral habits early can lay the foundation for maintaining lifelong dental health and a good quality of life.

Preventive Dental Care: What to Expect

Unlike many dentists who tend to rush through an examination, Dr. Benson takes his time during checkups. In fact, we schedule a full hour for new patient exams so that he can make a thorough assessment of your oral health. Dr. Benson uses diagnostic tools such as digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras to check for the following issues:

  • Presence of tooth decay.
  • Presence of gum disease or gingivitis.
  • The spacing and alignment of your teeth.
  • Occlusion, or bite. The way that your top and bottom dental arches come together.
  • Old dental work that no longer adequately protects the tooth.
  • Proper function of the TMJ.
  • Oral cancer screening.

Patient Education

Dr. Benson and his staff take time to understand the oral health needs and concerns of all patients, regardless of their age. To this end, Dr. Benson and his hygiene staff take the time needed to educate each patient about his or her unique oral health needs.

When patients have the opportunity to refine their brushing and flossing skills, to learn about the mouth-body connection, and to understand how lifestyle choices can greatly impact the health of their teeth and gums, they feel empowered to be a more active participant in maintaining good oral health.

General Dental FAQs

What should I do if my gums bleed regularly?

Experiencing bleeding gums when you brush your teeth is a common concern. It is very common to see this if you use a hard-bristled toothbrush, or brush your teeth with a heavy hand. Although, you can also be experiencing a symptom of gum disease or gingivitis. It is best to visit the dentist for a thorough dental exam and the best recommendations.

Why is my tooth so sensitive to hot and cold foods?

Sensitive teeth means your tooth enamel is deteriorating faster than normal. This can be caused by many things. A tooth cavity can cause sensitivity, as well as trauma to your tooth’s root. Try using toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth, like Sensodyne. Visiting us for a thorough evaluation and a permanent fix for your tooth sensitivity.

Do tooth cavities go away on their own?

No. Cavities are holes in your teeth caused by harmful bacteria and plaque buildup. When a cavity forms, there is no way for your tooth to repair itself. Teeth do not grow back either, so be very vigilant and get a cavity filled as soon as you notice that you have one.


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