Gum Contouring
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When most people think about cosmetic dentistry, they focus almost exclusively on the shape, color, and evenness of the teeth. Many don’t realize that the gums can play a huge role in the quality of a person’s smile.

Big gums, long gums, or uneven gums can make the nicest, shapeliest teeth look lopsided, short, and stumpy. Correcting these problems with gum contouring can highlight the natural beauty of a person’s teeth or underscore another cosmetic dental treatment.

While some patients can benefit from gum contouring by itself, this procedure is most often used in context with other cosmetic treatments. Often, Dr. Benson performs a gum contouring in conjunction with dental veneer placement, since reshaping the gum line allows for a more natural look. For other patients, a teeth whitening treatment, bonding to correct a chipped tooth, and gum contouring to reduce excessive gum tissue can provide a complete smile makeover.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Dr. Benson uses a soft tissue laser to remove excessive gum tissue and revitalize his patients’ smiles. This innovative laser technology has a number of advantages over traditional surgical methods, including:

  • faster healing times
  • little to no bleeding
  • more precise application that conserves more of your natural tissue

Another surprising benefit of a soft tissue dental laser is its effectiveness in the treatment of cold sores. The next time a cold sore develops, you don’t have to simply wait for it to go away. Dr. Benson can treat it proactively and help you regain your blemish-free smile.


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