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Welcome to Integrated Dental by Espire!

Our Greeley, CO dentist office is currently accepting appointments from new and returning patients. Our team is excited to provide you and your family with your necessary dental care and procedures. At our office, you’ll find that your comfort is our priority. We work hard to ensure our patients have a positive and comfortable experience each time they visit our office. Conveniently located off I-34 in Greeley, we provide family dentistry services to many surrounding communities. If you’re ready to experience exceptional dentistry that puts patient comfort first, we invite you to request an appointment.

Dental Health Care Team in Greeley, CO

Family Dentist Office in Greeley, CO

At Integrated Dental by Espire, our experienced staff provides a signature brand of straightforward dental care that respects each patient’s unique oral health situation. We are a group of compassionate dental professionals who welcome patients of all ages (3+) to our office. Whether this will be your first dental appointment ever or your first dental appointment at our office, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We understand going to the dentist can be an anxiety-inducing experience for some people. Rest assured that our team will prioritize your comfort and allow you to experience the high-quality care that you deserve.

Top Dentists in Greeley, CO

Integrated Dental by Espire is home to some of the top dental professionals in the Greeley, CO area. Each of our dentists has an extensive educational and professional background in all things dentistry. Together, they provide a wide range of dental services all under one roof–including implant dentistry, TMJ therapy, and oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea sufferers.

Digital Dentistry

Our dental practice remains on the cutting-edge of modern dentistry approaches. We’ve incorporated several new dentistry technologies into our procedures to allow our patients to have more efficient and cost-effective treatment. Some of our digital dentistry solutions include:

  • Cone Beam CT – This piece of equipment produces three-dimensional images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone in a single scan. Cone Beam CTs provide a fast, non-invasive method of maintaining the necessary images to come up with appropriate treatment plans for complex dental concerns.
  • Digital Impressions – Patients love our digital dental impressions because it allows them to skip the messy, uncomfortable impression trays. Instead, we utilize intraoral cameras to develop the images needed to create your restorations.
  • Same-Day Restorations – Integrated Dental by Espire offers same-day dental restorations with E4D technology in our Greeley dentist office. With E4D technology, our doctors can design, create and place high quality ceramic dental crowns, veneers and fillings. E4D uses digital impressions to create custom-fit restorations that will have you smiling in ONE visit.