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Over time, the teeth darken or become stained as a result of heredity, aging and lifestyle choices. Perfect for weddings, reunions and special events, teeth whitening can provide a quick, painless and economical smile makeover in about an hour.

Greeley dentist Dr. Melvin Benson offers patients the option of in office or take home teeth whitening by Opalescence. Both treatments can erase years of stains and restore a more youthful look. A fresh, white smile can boost your sense of confidence.

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Our fastest method of teeth whitening takes a little over an hour and can produce results up to ten shades lighter. Results will depend on the severity and source of stains on the teeth, with certain stains being more difficult to remove completely. Dr. Benson will discuss expected results after an examination prior to your treatment.

First, we apply a protective barrier to your gums. Next, we brush on a layer of maximum strength bleaching gel and activate the ingredients with a special light. We may repeat this process a couple more times until we reach the desired shade.

Opalescence products contain potassium nitrate and fluoride to reduce sensitivity and actually improve the health of your teeth.

Our most convenient method for removing enamel stains, at-home teeth whitening utilizes custom-fitted trays that Dr. Benson creates in the office and maximum strength bleaching gel. The Opalescence take home kit will provide results far superior to over the counter options.

At home, you will fill the trays with gel and fit them over your teeth for the prescribed amount of time daily. The gel will remove stains and, because it contains fluoride, it will also reduce sensitivity and strengthen your enamel. After about a week, your teeth will look dramatically whiter.

How does professional teeth bleaching compare to over the counter options?
There are many over the counter options for teeth whitening including whiting tooth paste, whitening strips and gels. For patients who want the best results, professional treatment is still the best choice. Dr. Benson offers teeth whitening systems with custom fit trays to ensure even whitening of the teeth. In addition, our products are specially formulated to reduce tooth sensitivity, a common side effect of whitening.

How much does teeth whitening cost?
Teeth whitening is one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry treatments available. The cost of your whitening treatment will depend on the type of whitening you choose and your desired outcome. Generally speaking, at home whitening is less expensive than in office procedures. Refills for touch up treatment may be an additional cost. Contact our office for more specific details and to see if there are any teeth whitening specials available.

Will bleaching cause my teeth to be more sensitive?
One of the more common side effects of teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. Dr. Benson carefully supervises teeth whitening treatments to ensure minimal side effects. In addition, the products we use are specially formulated to virtually eliminate sensitivity.

How long does whitening last?
The results of teeth whitening will vary based on each individual. Most patients can expect whitening to last six months to a year. Touch-up treatment every four to six months can help extend the results of your treatment. Visiting the dentist regularly and avoiding smoking and dark foods will also help to keep your teeth white and bright.


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